December 1, 2022


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Creek Connections keeps flowing with two grants totaling $93K | Information

Two grants totaling $93,000 will assist continuing Creek Connections, Allegheny College’s environmental training outreach program that uses hands-on environmental education and learning in extra than 40 kindergarten-through-grade-12 schools throughout western Pennsylvania.

The award-winning Creek Connections program will work with additional than 40 secondary schools and the lessons of 50 teachers by turning western Pennsylvania waterways into out of doors environmental laboratories. It emphasizes an inquiry-dependent investigation of regional waterways to broaden students’ environmental know-how.

A $90,000 grant from The Grable Foundation of Pittsburgh will be made use of all through the upcoming 3 decades to assistance Creek Connections expand students’ science knowledge by educating watershed principles by a variety of methods.

The grant will support Creek Connections’ Pittsburgh-area educator Laura Branby in providing programming for Pittsburgh-region teachers. It allow Creek Connections to get the job done with other Pittsburgh companies this kind of as Tree Pittsburgh, the Group Against Smog and Air pollution (GASP), and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

The grant also will support Creek Connections to produce a new environmental/human health module to be additional to the 16 watershed science and technology modules that Creek Connections financial loans to regional educators at no expense. These teaching modules cover subjects like consuming drinking water, water air pollution and stream geology to wetlands, freshwater fish, freshwater mussels and gastropods, and reptiles and amphibians. The modules include the equipment and provides to perform water-related activities and investigate assignments.

The guidance Creek Connections receives from The Grable Basis is vital its achievement in the Pittsburgh space, according to Wendy Kedzierski, Creek Connections challenge director.

“Obtaining the personalized, facial area-to-encounter interaction with academics and their college students is what can make our project so beneficial to teachers,” she claimed. “They have access to a great deal of resources these times, but require the added workers help to employ them in a significant way with their pupils.”

In addition, a $3,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Office of Environmental Defense (DEP) will enable Creek Connections provide assets to instructors featuring significant watershed educational experiences.

People educational encounters focus on investigations into nearby environmental issues that could direct to educated action and civic engagement. With the $3,000 grant by way of DEP’s environmental education and learning grants application, Creek Connections will produce Creek Kits, outdoor “get-and-go” buckets for 20 teachers to assistance with out of doors lessons and activities for their learners in the course of the 2021-22 college 12 months.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Security Instructional Ordeals mini-grants allow us to purchase tools for our lecturers that make instructing outside less complicated and would not be attainable devoid of the grant,” Kedzierski stated.

Creek Connections origin

Creek Connections got its start off in 1995 as the French Creek Environmental Training Job established by two Allegheny College or university professors, James Palmer and Mark Lord, to construct a collaboration in between Allegheny and regional general public colleges. Palmer and Lord utilised the environmentally vital French Creek and its encompassing watershed for the investigative, environmental instruction undertaking. The creek is renowned as just one of the most significant streams in eastern North The usa for its organic variety and its remarkable h2o top quality. The Nature Conservancy has recognized French Creek as a globally important watershed. The creek starts in western New York and flows south as a result of northwestern Pennsylvania the place it joins the Allegheny River.