December 2, 2022


The Education People

How many students are in your kid’s class?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Based on March projections there will be 11,283 elementary students starting school next week in the Sioux Falls School District.

About 24,000 students in total are projected to start school.

The elementary schools of Cleveland (836) and Pettigrew (841) have the most students. Some schools with lower enrollment are the Challenge Center with 121, Renberg with 155 and Hawthorne with 269.

Enrollment numbers for all elementary through high schools are based on the March projections. The numbers could change when school starts.

A break down by the number of students per grade level is as follows: Kindergarten – 2,123, first grade- 1,797, second grade – 1,880, third grade – 1,836, fourth grade – 1,785, fifth grade- 1,862.

In a June 15 KELOLAND News story, assistant superintendent Teresa Boysen said the district tries to staff the elementary classrooms at one teacher for every 24 students.

The National Center for Education Statistics said the district had 93.8 kindergarten teachers in the 2020-2021 school year.

Harvey Dunn Elementary School.

The district approved new boundaries for middle school and high school because of the new Ben Reifel Middle School and new Jefferson High School. The two new schools were built because of increased enrollment in the district. The new boundaries were drawn to try and evenly distribute the enrollment and the number of students on free and reduced lunches.

The numbers from last year are from the school district boundary process.

The new middle school will have 929 students.

Ben Reifel Middle School

Memorial remains the largest middle school with 1,152 students. The school had 1,369 students during the 2020-2021 school year.

Edison will have 936 students. The school had 1,127 students last year.

McGovern will have 736 students. The school had 900 students last year.

Patrick Henry will have 990 students. The school had 1,107 students last year.

Whittier will have 743 students. The school had 981 students.

The auxiliary Rise site will have 143 students.

A breakdown of total enrollment by grade is: Sixth grade: 1,847, seventh grade: 1,929, eighth grade: 1,853.

Memorial will have 376 students in the sixth grade, 395 in seventh grade and 399 in eighth grade.

The breakdown of enrollment by grade and by school is: Edison: 300 in sixth grade, 339 in seventh grade and 296 in eighth grade; McGovern: 246 in sixth grade, 255 in seventh grade, and 247 in eighth grade; Patrick Henry: 320 in sixth grade, 355 in seventh grade and 332 in eighth grade; Ben Reifel: 336 in sixth grade, 310 in seventh grade and 299 in eighth grade; Whittier: 241 in sixth grade, 248 in seventh grade, and 254 in eighth grade; Auxiliary: 27 in sixth grade, 27 in seventh grade and 26 in eighth grade.

The total high school enrollment is projected at 7,306.

The new high school, Jefferson, will have 1,307 students.

The auditorium at Jefferson High School.

The former largest high school in the district, Roosevelt will have 1,751 students. The enrollment was 2,482 students last year.

Lincoln’s enrollment will be 1,808. The school had 2,053 students last year.

Washington’s enrollment will be 1,729. The school had 1,968 students last year.

CTE will have 225 students and auxiliary and RISE will have 486 students.

The breakdown by grade level at each school is: Lincoln: 442 in ninth grade, 475 in 10th grade, 441 in 11th grade and 517 in 12th grade; Roosevelt: 492 in ninth grade, 445 in 10th grade, 382 in 11th grade and 538 in 12th grade; Washington: 449 in ninth grade, 460 in 10th grade, 452 in 11th grade, and 442 in 12th grade; Jefferson: 452 in ninth grade, 399 in 10th grade, 391 in 11th grade, and 144 in 12th grade; Auxiliary/Rise: 97 in ninth grade, 85 in 10th grade, 85 in 11th grade, and 118 in 12th grade.